Is the Long Island Medium Real?

Q:  Is the Long Island Medium a Fake?  Isn’t she just doing it for the money?  Why are people so gullible?

A:  We get more questions (and more search engine traffic) from people looking for information on Theresa Caputo than just about anything else, especially today……with her various shows, commercials and TV appearances being a huge hit, wherever and whenever she appears.

I’m going to share with you a few of my own thoughts about Theresa and whether I believe her show “The Long Island Medium” is a genuine portrayal of mediumship, or rather…..a better demonstration of our infatuation with spiritual matters, and pop culture, and of course…. our own hopes that death is NOT the end, and that life continues on, and ultimately….that our loved ones who have passed are closer by than we realize.

First, understand this to be true….because it is:

Theresa Caputo was a pretty well known medium well before the show became a hit, and in NY was already someone who got a fair amount of local attention for her psychic abilities.  The grief organization called “The Forever Family Foundation” was a big supporter of hers for quite a long while when she was a virtual unknown…and I had heard her on their live radio show a bunch of times before I had seen her on TV.

My feelings on her then were GOOD and positive and generally found her to be a solid psychic and medium who seemed to be a straight shooter and genuinely believed in what she was doing.  (somethign that not all mediums can claim, as many…including folks like Sylvia Browne, who I feel DON’T believe in what they are doing, and are very aware that they are ripping people off and taking advantage of grief ridden people for profit)

So regardless of whether you are skeptical or not, or are a debunker of all things psychic or spiritual, my feelings are that Theresa Caputo is a good person, who feels like she is serving her community with her gifts, and I don’t question her character.

I also don’t think she is the most impressive psychic or medium I’ve watched or witnessed either.  She is talented – but to me, doesn’t stand out as the best medium, or most accurate, or most interesting as well.

For example?

I recently watched several mediums on a TV documentary under heavily controlled conditions,  who are also located in NY (although in the CITY) who were truly incredible and were doing things that could NOT be explained away so easily as guessing, or cold reading or offering up general thoughts on things that turned out to be true.

And of course, I have my own favorite psychics and mediums as well – who I’ve come to trust and admire and respect over years of readings…..who have earned that trust through uncanny predictions, information and insight that has chanaged my life directly, in profound ways….for the better.

The BEST advice is this:

In the end, rather than worrying about what other say about the Long Island Medium and famous psychics or mediums like her, go out and seek out your OWN experiences, and make up your own mind about what’s true and what’s not.  No amount of articles like this one will ever convince a true open minded person.

A true spiritual seeker HAS the experiences that define thier point of view…rather than reading about those of others, and deciding based on that!

More information on the Long Island Medium below from the Huffington Post, including…as always, those who agree, and those who don’t!

Theresa Caputo helped a young woman deal with the loss of her father during the 9/11 tragedies in New York on the latest “Long Island Medium” (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on TLC). Theresa told the young woman that she kept seeing the word “MISSING” on a newspaper, leading the client to make the connection to her father.

When Theresa suggested that he’d left behind a piece of himself for his wife and daughter, the client realized she was referring to his wedding ring. On a fluke, he’d left his wedding ring behind on September 11, 2001, and opted not to go back for it. So when they learned that he was gone, there was indeed a very intimate piece of himself left behind.

“I don’t tell anybody that story,” the woman said in incredulous shock. It is her belief and conviction that exemplifies why the show works, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It doesn’t matter if viewers believe in Theresa. The power power of the show lies in that her clients do.

‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Helps A Woman Connect With Her Father, Who Died On 9/11 (VIDEO)

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