Famous Mediums – Who are the Best Known Psychics in the World?

Q:  Who is the most famous medium in the world?  Who are the best known psychic mediums in 2012? 

A:  The truth is, based on our own psychic blogs, communities and newsletter…….The Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo) is probably the best known medium working today, based largely on her very popular TV show of the same name.  (and down to earth, likable personality as well)

That said, I’m still not convinced she’s the BEST medium around, and having had lots of great experiences with some very talented, and some very well known psychics, I can tell you my first choice would probably be George Anderson, also a “Long Island Medium”, but with a bit lesser of a brand name.  (although definitely someone who is considered a top flight celebrity psychic as well)

John Edward is still very popular as well, although a bit less so today than he used to be – BUT, I can tell you from first hand experience, he is the real deal and an amazing medium to see up close.  (I’ve had the privelige of watching him work twice in a small group setting, and each time…..came away very impressed and inspired as well)

Check out more at the short article below……or simply read some other psychic reviews HERE and find your own favorite instead!

The truth? There is FAR more evidence that mediums (and ordinary people as well) can communicate with the deceased than most people know! Famous mediums in the late 19th century were studied by some of the more serious, and skeptical scientists of that era, including GREAT minds like Sir Alfred Wallace (the co-founder of the theory of evolution), famous philosopher William James, (considered even today, one of the great philosophers in human history) Sir Frederick Meyers (a pioneer in the study of the subconscious mind) and many, many other great minds of the day.

Famous Mediums – Is it REALLY Possible to Talk to the Dead? (SHOCKING, but True)

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