Is John Edward a Fake?

Psychic FAQ:  Is John Edward a fake, or is he a genuine medium?

Let’s start with a pretty simple statement that I think everyone can agree on..:-)

John Edward is one of the most compelling, charismatic and controversial psychic mediums in the world today.  Whether you believe he is the real deal…..or someone who is just super skilled at snookering folks to believe he is psychic, he has created a HUGE international fan base who believes that what he offers is true evidence for an afterlife.

My own thoughts are simple – as an open minded skeptic in the truest sense of the word, I have seen Edward up front and personal and some of what I’ve watched him do is impossible to explain away using the typical “skeptical” arguments.  (cold reading, guessing, making it up or even outright fraud)

As a matter of fact, my belief, after particpating in a small group reading with Edward last summer is simple:  Either he has genuine mediumistic abilities and IS in fact communicating with the energies of our loved ones on the other side, or…….more than HALF of the folks in that small audience I participated in was “part of the scam”. 

And THAT, I find harder to believe than he is really communicating with the energy, spirit or conciousness of those who have crossed over, and continue to live on….in SOME form, after physical death.  (something I’ve become entirely convinced of as well at this point, after hundreds of experiences that defy explanation)

The other evidence to support John Edwards as being a true medium?

He has subjected himself to LOTS of TV apperances with hard core skeptics, journalists, TV hosts and folks who don’t believe.  I’ve seen him do things on many of these shows that have been equally as impressive…and you have to believe all of THOSE folks are in on it too, if you want to believe it’s all a scam.  (again, I don’t believe a TV host is going to make himself look silly to help further a professional mediums career:-)

Check out the short article from his recent apperaance on Dr. Oz’s program – just one of many similar demonstrations in 2012.

John Edward has been a Psychic Medium for 25 years. Could talking to the dead be the best medicine for grief? Edward Dr Oz John Edward Psychic Mediumsaid that grief is an energetic form of cancer, and it will grow into other aspects of a person’s life. A session with a Psychic Medium can be very therapeutic. When they come in for the session, they are closed and pDr Oz John Edward Psychic Mediumowered down, but during the course of the reading, the lights come back o n in their eyes and they are amazed how healing it can be. They often leave inspired and feel more hopeful about the life they will live. John Edward said he lost his mother at the age of 19, and he asked her for three signs

Dr Oz: John Edward Psychic Medium: Can You Talk To The Dead? – Dr Oz | Doctor Oz Fans

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