The Easiest Way to Have an Out of Body Experience (Without “Dying” or Being in Danger)

The easiest way to have an OBE is actually involuntary.  Being near death for example, or quite literally to be clinically dead for a period of time is a proven path to your first (but hopefully not LAST!) out of body experience.

As a matter of fact……

Most studies suggest that about 15% of people who are clinically dead for a short period of time, WILL have a very profound, life changing OBE.  (this is commonly called a near death experience, and while a bit different than a traditional OBE in lots of respects, it DOES have lots of the same characteristics)

BUT…..because I’m hoping no one who reads this article has that experience for a very long time, I’m going to share with you the absolute EASIEST way to have an OBE without dealing with danger, drugs or any weird stuff at all.

Quite simply, not only does this method work wonderfully well for me, it’s something I learned from a psychic mentor a number of years back and many of his “students” still use it to this very day.

The best part?

Not only will it facilitate an out of body experience very quickly, it’s very healthy, and healing and will have all sorts of other incredible benefits to your overall well being as well.


Because it’s really a simple meditation.  And meditation is probably the one “secret” transformative tool that can change your life in so many profound ways……I honestly don’t have the space in this article to list them all.

And not only has mediation been proven, as a general practice, to facilitate all sorts of altered states of consciousness on it’s own, this very simple exercise is probably the single best OBE technique I’ve ever used.  (and being a professional publisher in the psychic, paranormal and new age niche for a number of years, I’ve pretty much covered them all!)

I’m going to make it super simple for you, and tell you what to do in a few sentences.  The secret is simplicity.  Not overcomplicating it and not over-thinking it.

  • Sit down in a comfortable place.  You can lie down…sit down, or whatever feels most comfortable for you.
  • It must be a place you know well….and a place that you can visualize without having to see it clearly through your normal senses.
  • Close your eyes and allow your consciousness to start explore the room you’re in.  Look around the room a bit….again, with your eyes closed and simply letting your mind, and your memory guide you.
  • Look at the walls.  The furniture.  The door.  Try to record details of what you see in your minds eye.
  • NOTE:  When you start to feel like you are starting to feel a little light and free and even a little “weird”…….
  • Try to look at yourself, from the same perspective.  This can be an amazing shift, and a remarkable experience in of itself.
  • Without dwelling on any key part of this unnecessarily  (As the “astral self examination” can be a 5000 word instructional essay by itself) at some point, you simply want to leave the room you are in and begin to explore the house.
  • Look at the TV.  Sit on the sofa and think.  Again…..all of this you are doing in a mental mediation, but at a certain point, you will be AMAZED that you will feel your consciousness literally “exit” your body on the bed (or in the chair) and “merge” with the “you” that is exploring a familiar environment away from where your physical body is.

I like to go outside, and walk down the street.  I’ve even ridden my bike around the beach, where I live………and at some point in the mediation, I literally feel my consciousness, or what I believe to be my authentic self, whirring down the narrow boardwalk, adjacent to the beach….and I literally lift off into the magic and mystery of the unknown.  (which I always try to re-discover!)

This is such a relaxing process, it feels great, and it involves no dogma, no drugs…..and no danger.  I’ve had all sorts of incredible experiences and amazing OBE’S using this meditative method, even writing this article, it makes me want to stop what I’m doing and go DIVE in and do it again….right now!  

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