Long Island Medium Q and A: How Much Does Theresa Caputo Charge for a Reading?

How much does the Long Island Medium charge?

The truth is, we aren’t 100% sure how much the current rates are to speak to Theresa Caputo, although we’ve been privately told that they run about $500 per hour and that there is a 2 year waiting list.  (no surprise considering the high profile publicity she is getting on TV!)

Does that mean she is worth that sort of wait…..or money?

I don’t believe it means that, no – although I think she is a capable medium, I’ve been FAR more impressed by many of the local readers in my own community…..and of course, many of the phone based psychics I’ve had the privelige of speaking to regularly and that we rate and review here.

What many people don’t know is that, Theresa Caputo was actually a fairly well known local medium for years in Long Island, NY and regularly offered live readings (for free) on a popular podcast and web based radio show called “Signs of Life”, hosted by the Forever Family Foundation, a non profit that serves parents grieving the loss of a child, or……spouses who hope to heal after the death of a partner.

(Or…..really ANYONE who is looking for hope and help after loss of a loved one and wants some type of spiritual connection to prove that it’s possible)

(I heard her readings multiple times on the radio before I ever knew who she was….and well before she ever became such a well known name, and celebrity medium in the mainstream media, which is kind of cool!)



Kim Russo, the new star of the show “The Haunting Of….” on the Bio channel, is also a very frequent guest on the same psychic call in show, and most likely……is headed for similar fame and popularity as Theresa Caputo as well.  (and expect HER to become very difficult to get a reading from going forward as well)

For more on Theresa’s readings and rates, check out the short article below.

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She acknowledged your children, that she held the children before coming here in the physical world and she’s still with you, and loving and guiding you from the other side. Right?”Gulp.What a loaded thought. I pause. I collect my thoughts. “Did I tell her I had kids? Could this seriously be real?” And I simply say: “That’s awesome. Thank you.”So add me to Caputo’s long list of clients who have been given the gift of closure. Now, as for my sister, she’s really ticked my mom didn’t even give her a shout out! She’ll have to join Caputo’s long waiting list and maybe we’ll here back from her in a few years.

“Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo talks to my dead mother, for real – Channel Guide Magazine

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