Do I Have a Guardian Angel? How to PROVE You Have a Spirit Guide on the Other Side

Are guardian angels fact, fiction or just plain fantasy?  If they are really “up” there….what do they do, and how can I find out who they are?  What is their purpose, and how do they protect me?  If you are curious about spirit guides and guardian angels and NOT sure what to believe, this short article was written with YOU in mind!

Why?  Because if you are anything like I once was, you have faith that there is much more to this world than meets the eye……but don’t know where to turn for ethereal advice when you need it most.

Or maybe you are a die hard skeptic…and think all of the talk about spirits, angels and guides is just a bunch of new age nonsense?  Regardless of what you believe right now, if you’ve got an open mind, I’m going to share what I believe are the  BEST ways to communicate with your personal spirit guides and get first hand evidence that they really ARE with you at all times.  (and you can TEST each of these approaches, and pick the one that works BEST for you to boot!)

My FAVORITE technique?

Meditation and Visualization

It’s probably the least popular for most, but for me…’s my favorite for getting crystal clairvoyant clarity AND reaching out to that special place where a direct, personal conversation is possible with MY guides, without having to believe in anything OTHER than my own intuitive inner voice and wisdom.

The truth is, deep mediative states are conducive to all sorts of personal growth breakthroughs and from a spiritual standpoint, I can’t think of a better daily practice than meditation.  Simply incorporating visualization, or the focused process of intentionally trying to picture your spirit helpers, can lead to incredible and eye opening experiences where your true guides and mentors reveal themselves to you in a way that’s hard to explain until you experience it.  (and sounds loony unless you’ve had it happen!)

Other Spiritual Communication Tools and Techniques?

I know this is controversial, but I’ve had incredible luck using techniques like ouija, spirit boards and other similar tools for not only communicating with spirits in general, but helping to illuminate those specific spirits that were “there” for me.  I know that many  people find these kinds of tools intimidating or scary or think they should be avoided….but my experience has been the absolute opposite.  (exciting, enlightening and  inspiring)

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Probably the most popular way to find your spirit guides is to ask a spiritual psychic or afterlife medium HELP you find them for you!  The truth is, no matter how skeptical you may be….having a genuine reading with a real psychic or medium is probably the easiest way to get validation, proof and evidence that you have “ethereal” help coming from the other side.  It truly wasn’t until I had a personally transformative experience with a psychic medium by phone that I became a believer myself….as I had been a die hard skeptic and debunker up to that point.

But, having a loved one come through and speak to you about very personal challenges you’ll need to face in the future, and hearing that from a complete stranger who knows nothing about you (or the loved one y you’ve lost) is the very BEST way to prove that the afterlife is real….AND that we have special souls watching over each of us while we remain here!

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