What Should I Ask a Psychic Medium?

Do you have butterflies about talking to a psychic medium?

Believe it or not, being nervous before speaking to a medium is very, very common.  There is an energy, and an expectancy about what may or may not happen during the reading that can actually be pretty overwhelming……and in a good way.  (but can still “jangle” your nerves either way)

I remember going to see John Edward a few months ago in small private group setting.  

Even though I’ve been publishing in the psychic marketplace professionally for years, and have had an amazing array of personal experiences that were quite extraordinary, as I sat there waiting for him to come out and talk to us, I still found myself nervous with anticipation.

Who would come through for me?  And what would I ask?  Should I push for answers…..or just be happy that I was getting personal validation at all?

This is actually a very common concern, and something that many of our readers (as in, people like you who visit our blogs and communities) want to know prior to getting psychic help or advice.

After all……no one wants to get a reading only to sit there in silence and NOT know what to ask, right?

The first thing you need to understand is this:

A genuine psychic medium is someone who specializes in helping people make contact with the deceased….plain and simple.

They don’t really do “psychic” readings in the stereotypical sense.

They don’t predict the future.

Or tell you what numbers you should play at the local lotto.

Nor do most mediums do a lot of life reading style advice.

Instead……a good medium serves a very specific purpose, and that is to act as a conduit between your loved ones “over there” and YOU, over here!

So understanding your OWN intentions, and identifying what you want to get out of the experience is really, really important before you begin.

If communicating with spirit is NOT your primary intention, your best bet is to seek out a different style of psychic altogether.  (As someone who specializes in love or romance or career  readings has a very different skill set, and is often much better at making powerful predictions that you can really use to make important decisions)

My best advice for those of you who are seeking out a medium?

Write down a series of questions about your loved one, or loves one’s who have “crossed” and focus on these areas.

Ask questions that ONLY the person you seek would have answers to.  This could included pet names, odd interests or hobbies, or even unique interactions you may have had with them during their lifetimes here.

Look for super specific evidence that the medium is in fact getting information from the other side…and NOT doing cold reading, asking leading questions or is just guessing.

Write down the answers as well.  (or if you are able to get the session recorded, this can be a benefit, too)


Often you’ll find that if you take notes and check back AFTER the reading…..you’ll discover amazing insights that weren’t nearly as obvious while the reading was taking place, but make perfect sense when looked at later.  (as your loved ones will often give you a SIGN during the reading that WILL in fact come true later….and if you don’t remember what was said, you might miss it as well!)

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