Questions to Ask a Medium?

What are the best questions to ask a psychic medium? 

Are there any topics that are off base?  And what about “test” questions?  Are there any easy ways to tell if a medium is GOOD, based strictly on the questions you can come up with, or does it take a while for authentic information to come through?

The truth is, every psychic medium operates a wee bit differently…..and some “strike” like a lightening bolt with rapid fire information and answers, while others take a little while to “warm up” to spirit…..much the same way that some people take a while to warm up to other people..:-)  (believe it or not there are outgoing and SHY psychics and SPIRITS much the same way that there are outgoing and shy people in real life..:-)

Here is a short article on some of the questions you can ask to get a psychic medium reading going – some of which I agree with, and others I tend not to see the same way.  Give it a read….and let us know YOUR thoughts in the community comments below!  Enjoy..:-)

Giving a reading is similar to playing charades. As no two people are alike, neither are two spirits alike. One spirit may show the medium what they looked like when they lived on this earth in order to validate who they are, another may show the house they lived in.

It is really up to the spirit as to what information they share and the medium’s ability to interpret the information and pass it on to you in a way that you will understand it.If you don’t recognize the spirit by the information they pass on then it may be recommended you check your family history, as there are times when people we have barely known come in to say “Hi!”

Sometimes they are people who crossed over before the medium was born. The medium will then ask the spirit what message it has for you, and you will be given an opportunity to ask the spirit questions, and then the medium will move on to another spirit as the opportunity presents itself.

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