Online Psychic Reviews – Here is What to Expect

Can online psychic reviews be counted on when it comes to finding legitimate clairvoyants, mediums, or genuinely gifted intuitive empaths? 

What about the psychic reviews that are biased, or done in a sneaky way to sell the very services that are writing the review?  Does that happen……or can I truly trust what I read?

The truth is, MOST psychic review sites are compensated for the ratings and reviews that they write.  And in many ways, that is totally fair, legitimate and above board.  After all – if a service will give me free readings, or monetary incentive to recommend my clients, fans or friends check them out, and I disclose that, is that wrong?

We publish about 10 different paranormal and psychic blogs, and recommend psychic services on each one.  (most prominently Psychic Source, who we patronize and recommend MOSTLY because they are the best in the business, offer 100% risk free guarantees to OUR readers, and are BBB certified for customer service)  They PAY us, of course, for the recommendations, and we certainly want you to know that.

Some psychic review sites are only thinly veiled “Advertorials” and are designed more to TRICK than to inform.  So be careful.  Very rarely though, do you need to worry about a REAL psychic service reviewing it’s own site, and passing that off as objective..:-)  It’s not only not believable, it’s really not even legal, so no genuine network is going to RISK so much, for a few extra callers a month, I promise.

We DO recommend Psychic Source - go check them out and see why!

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I'm a psychic JUNKIE and paranormal enthusiast who loves EVERYTHING about the magic and the mystery of the unknown..:) Check out our Psychic Source HERE and get a fun, entertaining, inspiring and ENLIGHTENING psychic reading for only $10!

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