Want to Make an Appointment to See Theresa Caputo? 5 Things NOT to Do (Buyer Beware)

Here are some things NOT to do when trying to make an appointment to speak to Theresa Caputo in private

The funny thing is….the Long Island Medium has become such an incredibly popular show, that people of all types and stripes are coming out of the woodwork to make an appointment to see her, or to “test” her psychic skills, or, like millions of others, have lost a loved one and are curious but NOT convinced….yet desperate to do anything possible to make a connection with your loved ones on the other side.

With all this being said, there is only ONE of her…and many different websites out there promising to help the average person get private access to Theresa Caputo. Unfortunately, many of these sites are simple scams, or are making promises they can’t keep, or in extreme cases….are SO biased AGAINST the long island medium and spiritual expereinces of any kind, that they make outlandish claims that she is a cheat, a cold reader, or a charlatan who is pulling the wool over the public’s eyes. (something I don’t believe for a minute….and neither do most who have had any personal expereince with Theresa or any other well known medium who puts themselves out there day after day)

The bottom line advice in the article that follows is super simple – if you want to make an appointment to see the Long Island Medium….go to HER site, and her site ONLY to book the appointment. (or check availability) And of course, don’t expect to have that reading ANY time soon…as it could be 2 years before it actually happens. (and it ain’t gonna be cheap as well..:-)

You do have alternatives. (lots of equally as gifted phone psychics, for example…who have the skills, but don’t have the same “brand” name)

Check out the full article at the link below!

4 – DON’T try to book an appointment to see These through some third party site.  (including this one!)  The truth is, it amazes me how many folks leave US personal messages for Theresa, thinking that she is checking the comments, are scheduling appointments through a 3rd party directory, blog or psychic community.

5 -Don’t try to make an appointment with her through her social media accounts either.  Remember, while she may “tweet” and post on Facebook herself, she DOES have people who manage her career, and probably do a lot of her social media management for her as well.   If you DO want to see her, reach out to her on her PRIVATE website, using her contact form that is processes through her management company, and they will get back to you with times and availabilities.

Be smart….and NOT sloppy when seeking her out, and that means following the professional protocol that most real world business people put in place for scheduling an appointment.  (not tweeting to her how badly you need her, not sharing your recent loss on her facebook page, and NOT posting all of your private and personal details on 3rd party websites for the world to read.)

6 – DON’T be adversely influenced by the Theresa Caputo “scam” sites.  There are lots of skeptics, cynics and debunkers who don’t believe in mediums, psychics and anything spiritual at all.  that has ALWAYS been the case…and remains the case today.

- See more at: http://famouspsychicmediums.com/2014/04/long-island-medium-appointments-how-to-get-a-private-reading-with-theresa-caputo-2/#sthash.vXgkiKXu.dpuf

Does Meditation Make You Psychic?

Q: Can meditation help me become psychic? What is the relationship between meditating and having spiritual experiences?

The truth is, there is a DEEP relationship between meditation, and both psychic and spiritually transformative experiences of all kinds. For example, many mediums and traditional psychics will use meditation as a preparatory expercise for readings, and many others (myself included!) have had a direct experience of enhancing both intuition and insight as a direct result of meditation.

Did you know, for example, that many eastern teachings on meditation have huge amounts of accounts of disciples becoming psychic or having exceptional expereinces after meditating? In Buddhist teachings, psychic powers are called “sidhhis”, and even the Buddha himself spoke of them extensively. (he actually warned his disciples to meditate for pure purposes….and NOT to get caught up in the appeal of the “powers”, as so many of them apparently did)

One of the more mainstream meditation techniques that are well known to inspire both equanamity and a sense of psychic awakening is TM. (transcendental meditation, which differs a bit from other types of contemplation taught in Eastern philosophy)

For some more opinions on meditation and psychic development, check out some additional articles at the link below!

How does meditation help you to be psychic?

Meditation is a way to know more about yourself, and find out who you are. It’s having a conversation within, and finding stillness and peace there. We are constantly driven outside of ourselves, often without stopping for a break from the maelstrom that is modern life. It can feel like one is swimming upstream against the current on those days when there is a lot of energy to handle in the world.

When you take time to meditate regularly, and in particular practice grounding and awareness of energy, you give yourself more space as a result. When you are moving non stop through your life, you will easily lose your space, and your energy along with it.

Learning the difference between your energy, and the energies you’ve taken on that aren’t yours, is priceless. Once you begin to let go of foreign energy that has been sitting in your space, you will lighten your load, heal your body and spirit, let go of pain, free yourself up to create what it is you do want. Once you become conscious of what you’ve agreed to let yourself have or take on, you can decide to change the rules you live by, in order to make it easier for you to be you.


Are My Dreams Psychic? How to Tell if You are Having Psychic Dreams

Q: What are the signs that my dreams are psychic? How can I tell if something that I dream is going to come true later? Should I write them down? Tell someone? Or….is the idea of psychic dreaming just a whole bunch of new age nonsense and spiritual silliness?

Psychic or precognitive dreams are one of the most compelling and controversial types of evidence that we can feel the future and forecast things that have NOT yet happened…..by accessing information or intuition in our sleep, through our spiritual senses.

One of the best ways to test your psychic dreams is to TELL someone about them. You can also write them down, and keep what I call a dream journal for recording and then later reviewing your dreams for psychic feelings, spiritual symbols and most commonly, syncroncities that are hard to explain away as luck, chance or strange coincidence.

(you can talk to a psychic dream counselor here for about $10)

For more on how to tell if your dreams are psychic, check out the great post from paranormalia below.

So what do I know – perhaps others would say ‘believe’ – about precognitive dreaming, as far as my own experiences go?

1) Such dreams relate to utterly trivial and seemingly random matters. There are no ‘messages’, warnings or other intentions behind them. I’ve yet to experience anything that suggests future events, of a particular emotional impact or significance, are likely to show up in a dream.

2) The plot is irrelevant, and almost always pure nonsense/fantasy. Trying to read meanings or symbolism into it is fruitless. The precognitive aspects relate only to visuals … TV or movie scenes, news headlines, photos, unusual surroundings, peculiar actions … and will appear pretty much as themselves within the otherwise unrelated plot. Unless the image in question is novel or confusing, in which case it may be distorted to make sense within the story. I have identified no rule or quality that makes any particular object or incident turn up rather than another.

3) The future-relevant visuals that do turn up are inspired by one’s own experience of witnessing/reading/hearing about those incidents. They are not objectively inspired by the incident itself (eg, it’s the experience of receiving the news of a plane crash, with all its errors and conjectures, rather than the plane crash itself, that would fuel the content of the dream). If I’m not going to see it in real life, in some sense, then it’s not going to show up in my dream


Trustworthy Psychics

Q: How can I tell if a psychic is trustworthy? How do I avoid psychic scams….and what are the signs that a medium is a fake?

A: The truth is, while there are countless clairvoyants, spiritual teachers, psychics, mediums, empaths, energy and light workers and genuinely gifted intuitive advisors of ALL types out there who can truly help you make important life choices….there are plenty out there that are fakes, imposters and NOT trustworthy at all as well.

Discerning the difference between those two groups can be the difference between having an amazing and enlightening spiritual experience, and having a reading that you immediately roll your eyes at, and shake your head at, as the session sounds more like a script from a cheesy movie….rather than an authentically eye opening or inspiring intuitive experience, like a good reading will become.

Trying to pick a psychic for YOUR next reading and want some quick tips?

Check out some of the TOP 3 things to AVOID when seeking out psychic advice at the link below!

Believe me…..they are NOT telling you the truth, and that’s not how psychic abilities work in the real world at all. (although there ARE individual readings that can be scored as 98% accurate….NO legitimate intuitive will tell you they ARE 98% accurate overall to advertise their services)

3 – Avoid Any Reader Who Does MAGIC rather than mediumship!

A psychic or clairvoyant who promises they can cast a spell or a curse, or can bring your ex back, or can provide some magical service for curing an illness or something similar should also be avoided at all costs. The truth? There is a HUGE difference between feeling the future, and even speaking to spirit……compared to the type of “magic” than many con artists and psychic scams promise, especially those who specialize in spells, curses, hexes and that sort of new age nonsense.

(they DON’T work….and are usually a sign of a “spiritual” scam)

The bottom line? It’s GREAT to be open minded and adventurous when it comes to seeking out spiritual experiences like a true psychic or medium can offer…..but quite another, to be SO open minded that you let your brains fall out in the process!
- See more at: http://famouspsychicmediums.com/2014/04/online-psychic-readings-warning-3-things-to-avoid-when-calling-a-psychic/#sthash.DyiX1NV9.dpuf

Theresa Caputo – Private Reading Cost

How much does Theresa Caputo charge for a private reading?

A:  There are many different quotes and blog posts that claim to know how much Theresa Caputo charges for private sessions, and of course….how long it takes to actually get an appointment.  The fact is, the absolutely BEST way to make an appointment with the Long Island medium is to actually contact HER office directly.  (and not get your information from 3rd hand sources)

As of our most recent updates (which of course, ARE not guaranteed to be accurate) the waiting list to see Theresa is over 2 years…and quoted rates run from $500 per hour and up.

For more info from around the web on scheduling an appointment with TC, vist her website directly…..or to find out what other people report via their private readings with Ms. Caputo, check out the comments on the article below.


am writing this blog because I get asked questions about Theresa Caputo every day while doing sessions with my current clients. Here are the questions I get most often & my answers. 1-Do you know what Theresa charges? I have not been able to find her fees on a website that is directly affiliated with her or her show; however, in my research I have talked to a few people that have had sessions with her. According to them, it seems the price for a 30 minute session is around $400 in her local area-more if she travels and more for private groups. I cannot say for certain this is accurate, as I only know what I’m being told by others. 2-How do I get an appointment with her? To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get an appointment at this time is to email her directly. I did see numerous requests on the facebook page & follow up comments that she had not been responding- in all fairness to her, I must interject, it’s virtually impossible to respond to every request or comment/question I receive, she’s on TV…I think it’s obvious she couldn’t possibly schedule a session with everyone who contacts her. She has mentioned in several interviews that it’s now a 2year+ wait for a session.



Free Psychic Readings Without a Credit Card?

Q: Do I need a credit card to get a psychic reading? Are there any totally free psychic readings that don’t require any payment? If so…..HOW so, and what is the catch?

A: My best advice for those of you looking to get a reading but don’t have any money, or don’t have a credit card handy? Either go find a psychic or medium local to you in your community via a Meetup or spiritual group like that, or simply wait until you DO have a little bit of extra cash saved up and can spring for a 20 or $25 dollar reading.

Most psychic offers that are 100% free are scams. I hate to put it so directly…..but it’s true. Unless you know the reader personally, or find someone in your local community who is part of a group you can join, you are NOT going to find a totally free reading online, by phone, that doesn’t have some sort of anticpated cost attached. You MAY get a very short reading for free – 5-7 minutes or so – OR, you may be able to ask one QUESTION of a psychic for free, but that is pretty much the extent of the offers that are legimate, in my experience – and all others should be avoided.

For some more on free psychic readings that don’t require a credit card – check out some of hte additional resources at the links below – but remember, buyer beware, and some of these “offers” look pretty sketchy to me :-)

Whether to take that job
How to find the right partner for you
The keys to unleashing your creativity
Suggestions for improved energy and well-being
Answers to family-related questions

Or any other questions you can think of, our world class psychics are here to help you with free psychic readings no credit card. When you click to Oranum you will enjoy insightful and illuminating readings from the best of the best, all for free at no risk to you. We hand pick our psychics not only for their immense talents, but also their sensitivity and commitment to providing real, genuine help to the people they read for.
- See more at: http://totallyfreepsychicreadings.net/accurate-free-psychic-readings-no-credit-card-needed.html#sthash.U3Ffloh9.dpuf

Free Psychic Readings – Are They Reliable?

Are free psychic readings accurate? Can they be trusted? How do they work….and WHY are they free? Is there a catch…and if so, WHAT is it and how do I avoid getting ripped off?

Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, free readings have grown increasingly popular over the last few years, but moreso as a gimmicky way to get new clients and callers, rather than a genuine way to offer psychic advice for free.

And while there ARE some super ethical psychic services that offer great free TRIAL readings (psychic source is one, as is Psychic Access, which offers 6 minutes for free to all new callers) the vast majority of free readings are in truth, a bait and switch style scam and a rip off as well.

Check out some more detailed reasons on why most free psychic reading offers should be avoided, and what you CAN do to ensure the service you are calling is legitimate as well – all at the link below.

Because the vast majority of psychics who promise 100% free readings are operating more along the lines of a bait and switch used car dealership, rather than genuine empathic, compassionate and truly intuitive healers and helpers.  (something that most intuitive pledge and promise to do when they begin doing this work for a living)

Some quick DO’s and DON’T do when it comes to getting spiritual advice from a psychic or clairvoyant network that promises 100% FREE readings?

  1. DO do a little bit of due diligence before you call.  Look for real reviews, from real people who have patronized that specific service in the past with good results.  Remember, good psychics (and psychic services) have FANS.  If there is no track record for a service…..or no history to refer to, the likelihood is, they aren’t the real deal.
  2. DON’T ever try a free reading without checking out the fine print.
  3. DO be careful giving out your credit card or payment account information to a psychic service, and more specifically, to an individual, unaffiliated reader who is working for him or herself.  While most LEGITIMATE psychic networks will require you to have a credit card to do a test or trial reading, there will be very clear terms and conditions in place that SHOULD (and often do) protect YOU.

The Best Online Psychics – How to Find the Top Psychic Readers Without Spending a Fortune

Who are the best psychics online?

Is one psychic service, or individual reader much better than the others?  If so…..which ones, and how much better can they be?  What about celebrity psychics or famous readers?  Are they worth the extra money they charge…..or should I stick to the budget I’ve got?

The truth is, finding the perfect psychic is really an exercise in futility.  Some readers are better for some people, and some readings are better than others, EVEN with the same two people involved.  (e.g. – YOU and the psychic you’ve already seen in the past with great results)

In my own experience, a great reading is about energy, and connection and a wee bit of karma as well.  Sometimes you are “meant” to get a certain amount of information…and sometimes that information comes through from the “universe”, regardless of who you seek out to serve it up.

And when it comes to mediums, or spiritual readings?

I’ve seen countless cases where the medium was excellent, the sitter (or client) was excited and prepared….and yet, the spirit, or loved one on the other side who was really the focal point of the reading, never shows up.  Or maybe shows up, but not strongly enough for the information to come through in such a way as to be evidential enough, or proof enough, that something spectacular did take place.

The truth is, different people connect with different energies.  Much the same way that you are attracted to certain people that others may find completely disinteresting, or certain topics excite you, or certain energies appeal to you and not others, many psychics and sensitives work BEST with people most like them.  Or, sometimes…..people LEAST like them, as in, they do their best work with opposite energy, rather than folks just like they are.

So what should you do if you are seeking out spiritual advice or a psychic reading and need that reading to be good?

Set aside a small budget, and experiment with a few different types of readers, and readings.  You don’t need to spend more than 10 or 20 dollars to get an evidential reading these days, especially if you look online, or pick a psychic service that offers deep discounts for first time callers, and provide rock solid guarantees as well.  (as in, if you aren’t blown away……you don’t have to pay)

There is a similar experience available in many local communities as well.  You can join meet ups and social groups that share a passion for the paranormal, or psychic experiences, and often get an amazing reading from a very talented psychic, for a “friends and family” price.

What have YOUR best psychic experiences been like?  Have they been helpful as you discover your true passion, purpose and path?  That is what a good psychic or spiritual advisor REALLY does best.

At the end of the day, THAT is the intuitive reading you are destined to remember – those that illuminate that which was waiting to be discovered within you all along!

Psychic Scams (And how to Avoid Them)

Here is a decent article on how to avoid psychic scams, and why it’s important to keep yourself “on guard” when it comes to trusting any type of spiritual professional with your time, money and good intentions.

In a perfect world……all of the people who claimed to be psychic, WOULD be honest at the very least – and even  if the reading itself wasn’t all that good, at least you knew that the person doing the session was sincere, honest and straightforward.

Unfortunately……the simple fact is, there are many people who AREN’T all that good at what they do (psychic, spiritual or otherwise) and often, your best results aren’t what they have in mind.

This was recently on display in the high profile psychic trial of Rose Parks in West Palm Beach, who was charged (and convicted this week) of embezzling millions of dollars from her high class clientele – to the tune of 25 million dollars.  (using ruses and scare tactics that involved hexes, curses, black magic and other spiritual silliness that devastated more lives than I could count in this short blog post)

For what it’s worth – always stick to a small budget when speaking to reader, enjoy yourself – be willing to believe – but don’t be SO willing that your brains fall out.  And certainly use discpline when it comes to paying for a reading….and if anything arises that makes you feel uncomfortable, be prepared to walk away.

95% of psychics are good people who want to help….even if they don’t get it right.  But there are that 5% who are simply pulling a scam.  And those are the folks that you’ve got to learn how to spot right away. 

You go to a cheap psychic, the kind that charge like $5 or $10. You think, “What the heck? It’s only a few bucks.” You listen as the psychic tells you astoundingly accurate things about yourself. But at the end of the reading, this con artist tells you that there is a dark energy around you, that you are cursed, or that something terrible is about to befall you, but for $200 they can remove this dark energy/curse and heal you. Frightened, you pony up the money, the “psychic” performs a flashy ritual (chanting, candles, arm waving, etc.) and tells you that you’re cured. Or she might tell you to check in with her in a week to see if the energy is clear. If you actually do go back to her, at the next meeting you’ll be told the negative energy is much stronger than she thought and it’s going to cost $3,000 to clear it. It’s at this point that I hope you have a moment of clarity and call the police on her, but sadly some people do fall for this scam.

Erin Pavlina

Contact Theresa Caputo

What is the easiest way to contact Theresa Caputo?

  1. Is she on Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media networks?
  2. Will she respond to my letter if I ask her for a reading?

We get LOTS of questions about contacting the long island medium….and while we can’t tell you if she’ll get back to YOUR specific request, we do know that she is very active on social media – including Facebook and Twitter, and DOES seem to respond well to fans requests for personal attention.  (that doesn’t mean of course that she is going to have time to get back to everyone, or that she is able to offer private readings to everyone in the world who wants one, but a quick look at her Twitter and Facebook activity tells you that she is pretty much accessible, available and responsive as well)

And while Theresa Caputo is NOT the medium we’d personally recommend above all others for folks who need a reading, or to get help and healing after losing a loved one, she is the most popular medium in the world these days, so check out her contact info at the post below! 

The good news?There ARE tons of very simple ways to get in touch with Theresa Caputo (and just about every other famous psychic) simply by accessing the wide and wonderful world of social media.For example – 1. Theresa Caputo’s Facebook page: 2. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Theresa-Caputo/101268053312596 3. The official long island medium facebook page is here: 4. https://www.facebook.com/LongIslandMedium 5. Here is the Youtube channel for the show: 6. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCBE1EB62A139F9CE&feature=plcp 7. Here you can contact Theresa Caputo directly on Twitter, too! 8. https://twitter.com/theresacaputo 9. And of course……you can always visit her personal website, TLC and even her Tumblr blog to leave her a message should you need or wish to get in touch.The truth is, it’s far easier today to reach out and touch the “stars” than ever before…and if you really, truly have a message for someone that needs to be heard, if you are persistent, patient (and POLITE!)…..you will be heard.

How to Contact the Long Island Medium

You MIGHT be Psychic If………

How can you tell if you are psychic?  We get a lot of questions about psychic signs, symbols and the sort of stuff that happens to ordinary people that MAY suggest you’ve got the gift..:-)

The truth is, in my own experience, the vast majority of people will have at least one or two major “head scratching” moments that have strong intuitive over-tones and that suggest that there is more than mere coincidence going in our lives.  (although of course most people will try to either ignore those events, or stifle them, or explain them away as goofy chance or coincidence, rather than real “psychic” experiences..:-)

One of the very BEST ways to test your own psychic ability?  Reach out and get involved with other intuitives, spiritual light workers and people who are predisposed to believe.  There is nothing that stifles psychic experiences, and spiritual events than telling them to skeptics, cynics and scoffers in your circle of friends and family, only to find yourself keeping quiet or suppressing the next set of experiences that come your way.

For a lighthearted look at some common signs you may be more psychically gifted than you know, check out the list of experiences below!  (or tell us YOUR best psychic or paranormal experience on Twitter, too :-)

1. You know the phone is going to ring and who is callingWe have all experienced this phenomenon, and when it happens once in awhile we can chalk it up to coincidence. Or perhaps there are people who call you regularly at expected times. Those instances we can dismiss.But have you ever sensed a phone call from someone totally unexpected – perhaps someone you haven’t heard from in years? Then the phone rings and it is that person! This could be an indication of the psychic phenomenon known as precognition – knowing something before it happens. And if this kind of thing happens on a fairly regular basis, you might be psychic.

2. You know your child, or someone else very close to you, is in trouble.  We all worry about the safety our loved ones, especially when they are separated from us.  The feeling is so intense and persistent that the parent is compelled to check on the child – and sure enough, there has been an accident. Such a psychic connection has been documented between parent and child, spouses and partners, siblings and, of course, twins. If you have had such as experience, you might be psychic.

You Might Be Psychic – 6 Signs That You Might Be Psychic

Theresa Caputo in Person

What is Theresa Caputo like in person?  Is she the same type of personality that she presents on the show…..or is she completely different?  What about her live shows – is she as accurate with her readings in front of a large audience as she is with a small private reading?

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about Theresa Caputo – and the opinions run the gamut from those who believe she is truly an amazingly gifted spiritual medium to those who think that she is more of a caricature than a clairvoyant..:-)

I’m always interested to hear about people’s experiences with famous psychics and mediums, simply because like other people who are well known and have celebrity status, when you are put up on such a high pedastal…..it’s often a long drop when folks find out that you are very human.

That said – here is an interesting article about a recent appearance by Theresa Caputo in Boston, where apparently a woman in the audience was being difficult….and was resistant to the messages that were coming through for HER, and ultimately was asked to leave after Ms. Caputo didn’t appreciate her attitude.

The reactions from the audience ran the gamut from thinking that the woman got what she deserved….to others who believed that a real medium has a spiritual responsibility to be kind, and compassionate….especially when the subject matter is so sensitive.  (e.g. – the woman was getting “messages” from her deceased dad, through Theresa – and was apparently was a difficult parent. 

Presumably many unresolved issues in the relationship remained – and the woman seemed to NOT appreciate the attention)

What do you think?  Let us know on Twitter……or read the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below. 

Theresa is very accurate. There is no doubt in my mind, as a mystic-medium myself, that she was connecting with Spirit and was bringing healing and joy to many of her audience members. There were several members of the audience who had lost children, and she was able to give them complete validation and evidence that they were indeed receiving messages from their loved ones. I was uplifted and entertained as I had hoped.Then things turned a little dark as least for my taste and that of my friend. In fact my friend was quite unnerved by what appeared to be mob mentality and blind support for someone who is a messenger but is still very human. At one point in the evening, Theresa read for one woman and picked up a message for the woman sitting next to her. The woman was quite reluctant and resistant. Theresa had made it a point in her introductory speech that she didn’t care whether or not anyone believed in her gift because she believes in it and would simply transmit the messages as she received them. This would have been a great way to handle the evening but this is not what she did.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Falls Short in Boston

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