Private Appointments with Theresa Caputo – How hard are they to get?

More questions about making an appointment to see the Long Island Medium……

If you want to see Theresa Caputo in person, be prepared to wait. A long time. Some folks say up to 2 years is her waiting list as of 2014.

And be prepared to spend a bit of money as well. Recent published rates are in excess of $500 for an hour session. Believe it or not, that is NOT all that expensive when compared to the rates that other readers charge….with George Anderson, a gifted but reclusive medium with amazing ability but low name recognition getting over 2000 dollars per reading…..and has a waiting list that some say is 12 months long as well.

(Sylvia Brown used to charge $800 and UP for 30 minutes on the phone…and while it’s never nice to speak ill of the dead….we’ve had LOTS of readers who were disappointed by their experience with her as well)

For more on Theresa Caputo appointments.….read the full article following the short excerpt below.

How difficult is it to make an appointment to see Theresa Caputo? Does she have a long waiting list? How much does she charge for a private appointment? Is the Long Island Medium as good in person….as she appears to be on TV?

Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, you can’t go anywhere these days without finding someone who has a strong opinion on Theresa Caputo, and the blockbuster reality TV show that features her family and her fans.

For those of you who are true blue believers or are simply curious but NOT convinced, and would like to experience a private reading with Theresa Caputo on your own, here are a few very important facts to keep in mind.

1 – Theresa has an extremely long waiting list.

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